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Ejj Jewellery - Logo

Ejj is a jewellery brand consisting of high-quality Italian silver products with a focus on cutting-edge technology, diamond-cut, innovative design and handmade finishing for its trendy customers. Ejj’s jewellery combines a unique mix of individualism and discreet elegance. The products can easily be used in combination with trendy clothes to catch attention, as well as to add a final touch to more formal outfits.

Ejj recently won a national award as the Most Innovative Jeweller 2017. You can read more about it here.

Ejj’s Mission

Ejj has a social mission of creating beautiful, and at the same time, affordable products. Equally, we at Ejj believe that jewellery should not be too heavy to wear comfortably. Instead, the jewellery should feel like a natural part of ourselves. The 3-dimensional and sparkling effects on Ejj’s products also ensure that the products look appealing and beautiful from all different angles and while in movement.

Diamond-cut Technology

Ejj assortment of jewellery distinguishes itself, amongst others, for its use of diamond-cut technology: A novel design to jewellery product that is becoming popular all around the world.

Sterling Silver Products from Italy

All of Ejj’s wide collection of Sterling Silver 925 products are crafted in Italy by artisans who are passionate about their art and jewellery creation. Ejj also guarantees using non-allergenic materials of the highest quality and purity.

— This covers some of the reasons as to why Ejj’s jewellery is appreciated all over the world. —