Ejj Jewellery is now available on air!

Have you seen us on plane? ✈️ Ejj Jewellery is now available on Hong Kong Airline in-flights sales. ♥️ We are also on the cover for Jan-Mar issue.
這款耳環線條流暢自然,18K鍍白金和22K鍍金材質令其呈現雙色效果。这款耳环线条流畅自然,18K镀白金和22K镀金材质令其呈现双色效果。The earrings are smooth and natural. The 18K white gold-plating and the 22K gold-plating material brings a pleasant two-tone effect.
設計師以婚紗上的刺繡蕾絲為靈感,打造出這款精緻的耳環。選行最新技術3D打印讓線條營造出婚紗般的廓形,耳環的靈動添亮眼一筆,為您的造型注入浪漫氣息。设计师以婚纱上的刺绣蕾丝为灵感,打造出这款精致的耳环。选行最新技术3D打印让线条营造出婚纱般的廓形,耳环的灵动添亮眼一笔,为您的造型注入浪漫气息。Inspired by the embroidered lace on a wedding dress, the designer crafted this exquisite earring. The latest 3D printing technology makes for exquisite lines that resembles wedding-like fabric. This piece will add a romantic glamour to your look.
設計師匠心獨運,以代表思鄉的歐丁香為設計靈感,花語造型精巧獨特,線條優美富於變化,至純的925意大利銀為骨,22K鍍金光華奪目,戀家情愫撲面而來。设计师匠心独运,以代表思乡的欧丁香为设计灵感,花语造型精巧独特,线条优美富于变化,至纯的925意大利银为骨,22K镀金光华夺目,恋家情愫扑面而来。The designer's ingenuity is inspired by the flower lilac. This flower represents the exquisite and unique, just like you. The earrings lines are beautiful and intricate, and with the Italian 22-karat gold-plated silver dazzling its brilliance it is like the feelings when you are returning home.